How To Write Missionary Letters

How To Write Missionary LettersThis $5 ebook is written to help you write better letters to your supporters. While new technologies provide many different ways to communicate, the missionary letter remains the basic tool for most missionaries. Your letter must attract and keep the readers’ attention and communicate your ministry clearly and effectively. This short 64-page book explains the principles behind authoring a letter that will be read and lead to the prayer and financial support you seek.

How To Write Missionary Letters by Alvera Mickelson

Planned Giving – Don’t Wait Till You Die!

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7

Do you have a plan for your missions giving?  No, not “planned giving” or “legacy giving,” both pseudonyms for estate planning, but a real plan for how you give money to missions in the here and now.  Have you ever taken the time considered your priorities and “plot” out your personal missions budget?  There are thousands of  missionaries, organizations, projects, and causes making appeals.  Without prior planning, one tends to spend money on the strongest appeal, the most compelling letter, the slickest website, the most persuasive speaker, or in other words….the missionary agency that spent the most on its marketing campaign.  We, also, give to projects that pull at our heart strings…like starving children. Sending money to help upgrade a mission agency’s email server or paying for a missionary to get legal advice from a national lawyer about how to set up an NGO (non-government organization) in a new country just doesn’t make us reach for our wallets. So sit down and take some time to evaluate and plan your missions giving.

You say, “That is all fine and good but where do I start? Do you have a model of what my mission’s giving should look like?” We are so glad you asked…. … Read more

DonorElf Web App Helps You Track Donors

donor-elfHow much time do you spend monitoring  donations or better yet trying to figure out what is coming in and how much you more you need to raise?  If you are not a numbers person, then these kinds of tasks eat away at your energy. They drain you of your creativity and zeal. Face it, most missionaries would rather be out with people than sitting at a desk tracking numbers. Think about what would happen if you had most of that time back to… to new donors, cultivate relationships, or do other ministry.

DonorElf can help take the frustration out of knowing exactly how much monthly support you have at any given time. DonorElf keeps track of your donations and your donors.  DonorElf is not a complicated computer program for geeks – it is a website application for real people.  If you can use Facebook or Gmail, DonorElf is for you.  The application can even download donation information from your missions agency.  For $12 per month, its features include donations, pledges, progress toward goals, mailing list /contact management, reports, lost donor tracking, and more.  A small price to pay for a chunk of your time and a bit of your sanity back!

Check it out at

Support Raising Database Tool

Are you looking for a computer program to help you as you raise missionary support?  TntMPD is a free computer program designed by missionaries to help missionaries manage their list of financial partners.  It tracks the key information and giving history of your ministry partners and reminds you to contact them.  It works with Microsoft Outlook and other applications to send email.  It is available in Mac and Windows platforms.   Visit the TntWare website to learn more and download.