Treating Your Clothing with Permethrin

You can help protect yourself from mosquito bites (that cause malaria) by wearing clothing treated with insect repellent.   A popular line of clothing called “BuzzOff” is available or you may treat your own clothing with a chemical called permethrin.  This is also effective on mosquito nets and curtains.  The figure below from Travel Medicine illustrates how to treat your clothing.  Read the CDC article on treating clothing for additional information.

Electrical Outlets

Different parts of the world have various electrical outlets.  Here is a chart that shows the common types of outlets.

Type Description Picture Type Description Picture
A (North American/Japanese 2-blade)
Flat blade attachment plug
B (American 3-pin) Flat blades (same as type A), but with round grounding pin
C (European 2-pin) Round pin attachment plug D (Old British plug) Round pins with ground
E (French 2-pin) Round pin plug and receptacle E F (“Schuko” plug) Round pins with side ground contacts F
G (British 3-pin) Rectangular blade plug G H (Israeli 3-pin) Oblique blades/pins with ground H
I (Australian plug) Oblique flat blades (inverted V-shape) with ground I J (Swiss 3-pin) Round pins with offset ground J
K (Danish 3-pin) Round pins with spade ground K L (Italian 3-pin) Round pins with ground (in-line) L
M (South African plug) Round pins similar to type D but larger and with one oversized pin M

This information is from

PAL & NTSC Videos

Different standards are used to produce videos.  You need a video format that matches your player.  NTSC is the video format used in North America, while PAL is used many countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Draw a Floor Plan or Vehicle Accident Online

Here are two tools to help you draw things online. helps you draw furniture layouts, office renovations, new construction, and shipping container layouts.  Just measure the room and then drag and drop walls, doors, furniture, plants, and more to see 2D and 3D views of your project. helps you draw a nice picture of your vehicle mishap.  This can also be used in accident reports and driver’s training.  Both tools are free, fun, and easy.