Use Dropbox to Sync Your Computers and Gadgets

Do you wish you could have your important computer files on your different computers and backed up online?  Dropbox is a service that places a special folder on all your computers and synchronizes  the contents of that folder constantly so you have your files regardless of which computer you use.  You can also access your Dropbox files online as they are stored securely on Dropbox’s website.  Dropbox works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.  Another feature is the ability to easily make a file or photo album publicly viewable on the internet  for family, friends, or co-workers to view.  Your files are actually on each device and on the internet, so this works great in situations where you are offline and need access to your files and when you are away from your computer.  The free service is limited to 2GB, so you will not be able to store everything on Dropbox for free.  Premium accounts start at $99/year for 50GB.  Visit to learn more and sign-up for free.  More ways to use Dropbox.