Technology: Is It Changing Missions?

The June/July 2010 edition of Lausanne World Pulse has several good articles on the theme of the way technology is changing missions.  Follow the links below or download the entire edition as PDF.

How Technology Is Changing, or Should Change, the Way the Gospel Is Shared
By Dion Forster
Social media and networking are challenging us to transform the way in which we engage the world with the love of Jesus.

The Inseparable Bond of Technology & Mission
By Nick Nicholaou
The trends of text messaging and Twitter point in the direction of things to come—namely, mobile computing. What does this mean for the Church and how it fulfills its mission?

Ten Ways the Internet Is Changing Evangelism and Missions
By John Edmiston
The very heart of how we minister is being changed forever in at least ten significant areas.

The 21st Century Roman Road: How Technology Is Changing Missions
By Troy Carl
The digital “Roman road” has been built. The Lord has provided a way to spread the good news to places otherwise unreachable.

The Challenge of Keeping Up with Technology for Ministry
By Robby Richardson
The Church needs “pioneer missionaries” who understand the culture and can use current media and technology to effectively communicate the gospel.