Speeding Up a Slow Computer

Computer issues are hard enough to endure but when you live overseas and face the prospect of having to allow  technicians to change the language settings to work on the computer…and you have no idea what they are doing or if you will be able to even operate the computer after it is returned…then computer issues can be maddening (although I was once reminded by my pastor when I was helping him with his computer, that computer problems can contribute to your sanctification if you allow them too).

Recently, my husband and I fixed laptops for a couple of “family” members who had “issues” with them.  In the process, we used a tool that has a “free” version that is very helpful at cleaning up “trash”  that accumulates on a computer overtime as one uses the internet and moves around files and programs. The program also can detect known viruses. If your computer seems a little slow or you have owned it for more than a year or two, then your desktop or laptop might benefit from a “spring cleaning”. The wonderful program is called CCleaner. Listed below are instructions for downloading  and running CCleaner on your computer.Read more

Buying a Netbook

Do you need a netbook?  A netbook is a small laptop computer that provides the basic aspects of a laptop (or notebook) computer, but is not as powerful.  By removing non-essential parts and reducing the size, manufacturers are able to deliver a machine that is small, lightweight, and “good enough” for basic computer tasks at an affordable price.  A netbook is ideal for travel and does a good job for writing email and browsing the internet.  A netbook is not adequate for running more sophisticated applications or running several common office applications at the same time.  Most netbooks include a SD card reader and a webcam, but do not include a CD/DVD drive or a multitude of ports.  Here are some things to look for when purchasing a netbook.

  • RAM memory – most netbooks are only sold with 1GB of RAM; make sure you can expand this to 2GB and do this right away – it will make a big difference
  • VGA port – make sure you can connect it to a larger monitor or video projector
  • Keyboard size – make sure it is not too small to type comfortably
  • Battery life – most people use netbooks while traveling or at other times when they are not plugged in, so make sure you have good battery life.

A recommended model is the Asus EeePC 1005PE.  It boasts a 14 hour battery life.