Electrical Outlets

Different parts of the world have various electrical outlets.  Here is a chart that shows the common types of outlets.

Type Description Picture Type Description Picture
A (North American/Japanese 2-blade)
Flat blade attachment plug
B (American 3-pin) Flat blades (same as type A), but with round grounding pin
C (European 2-pin) Round pin attachment plug D (Old British plug) Round pins with ground
E (French 2-pin) Round pin plug and receptacle E F (“Schuko” plug) Round pins with side ground contacts F
G (British 3-pin) Rectangular blade plug G H (Israeli 3-pin) Oblique blades/pins with ground H
I (Australian plug) Oblique flat blades (inverted V-shape) with ground I J (Swiss 3-pin) Round pins with offset ground J
K (Danish 3-pin) Round pins with spade ground K L (Italian 3-pin) Round pins with ground (in-line) L
M (South African plug) Round pins similar to type D but larger and with one oversized pin M

This information is from ElectricalOutlet.org

Laptop International Surge Protector

You know you should always use a surge protector for valuable electronics, but most conventional power strips are bulky and are either 120V or 240V, not both.  So instead of traveling with two power strips for just a laptop, you should consider a special surge protector for your laptop.  This multi-voltage model plugs in in-line between the two parts of your power cord and attaches to the power supply with a velcro strap.  Once you plug it in you never have to worry about forgetting a surge protector again.  It also provides protection for LAN and phone cables.

2-pin model 3-pin model

Power Protection Products

What devices should you use to protect valuable electronic equipment from potential power problems?  You will need different products depending on what you need to do.  Do you need to convert 220 volts to 110, or just adapt the outlet?  Do you need to shut the power off when the voltage fluctuates or regulate it to ensure a constant 220?  When thinking of surge protectors, don’t forget to protect your devices from surges coming through phone or ethernet cables.  More about power problems.  View as a PDF.

Surge Protector

Stops power surges; this in-line model also protects telephone connections; attaches to laptop power supply with velcro; multi-voltage

Power Strip

Stops power surges and multiplies outlets; they are either 110 or 220

Travel Adapter

Allows your device to plug into the outlet

High Voltage Guard

(similar to Fridgeguard)
Turns off power if mains are above or below 220; unnecessary if you have a regulator

Step Down Transformer

Converts 220 to 110

Step Up/Down Transformer

Converts 220 to 110 and
converts 110 to 220

Voltage Regulator

Maintains a constant 220; some regulators include a transformer

Uninterruptable Power Supply

Powers your equipment for a few moments to provide time for a proper shutdown