Using Skype to Connect with Churches and Ministry Partners

SkypeDoes your home church’s missions conference not coincide with your furlough?  Do your supporters want to talk to you after a major event on your field?  Skype can help bridge the gap between you and your supporting churches.  It is not high quality video conferencing, but it is easy to do.  Here is what you need to get started.

The church needs:  (this may take some time for the sound technican to set up)

  • video projector
  • computer
  • webcam (if you want to see them)
  • internet connection (wired is better than wireless)
  • audio connection from their sound board to the microphone jack on the computer
  • audio connection from their sound board to the headphone jack on the computer
  • video connection from their projector to the computer

You need:

  • computer
  • webcam
  • microphone (many webcams include a microphone)
  • internet connection (wired is better than wireless)


  • choose a quiet place, where family members, collegues, or pets will not interrupt you
  • turn off all noises (alarms, mobile phones, house phones)
  • check your webcam and microphone position
  • check your background and lighting (more lighting usually helps)
  • dress appropriately
  • use a wired internet connection, not wireless (speed matters)
  • have an outline of what you plan to say
  • write out your first and last sentences word-for-word
  • ask the church for a list of questions they will ask and prepare your answers
  • look at your webcam, not your screen
  • test it with the church a few days before the interview (talking to a large auditorium is different than talking to a friend on Skype)




Do you use Skype?  You should!  Skype is an internet based telephone service.  It allows to make calls from your computer to another computer for free and make calls from your computer to a landline or mobile telephone at affordable rates.  Skype offers video calls and instant messaging for free.  Calls to or from regular telephones may be purchased through prepaid or postpaid airtime.