Bookmarks for Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a great tool for missionaries for several reasons, including its web browser.  One limitation is that the browser does not allow you to order, sort, or group your bookmarks or favorites.  There is a simple solution.  Simply create a DOC file (Microsoft Word document) with your bookmarks and email it to yourself.  Then open this “book” to access your bookmarks.  Here is a list of common sites.  Most of these are mobile versions of sites that load faster and display better on the Kindle.  You can download a DOC file , add your own links, delete those you do not use, and then email it to your Kindle.  You may also copy it below.

Start | Google | Twitter | Facebook | Kinstant
Email | Gmail | Yahoo | Hotmail
Google | Mobile | Calendar | SMS | Voice | Talk
Travel | Kayak | TripIt | FlightStats | XE
Travel | Maps | Weather
Work | Dropbox | RTM | Evernote | gDocs
News | CNN | BBC | GNews | NYTimes | Fox
Read | GReader | ESV | YouVersion | Wiki | mhelp

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