DonorElf Web App Helps You Track Donors

donor-elfHow much time do you spend monitoring  donations or better yet trying to figure out what is coming in and how much you more you need to raise?  If you are not a numbers person, then these kinds of tasks eat away at your energy. They drain you of your creativity and zeal. Face it, most missionaries would rather be out with people than sitting at a desk tracking numbers. Think about what would happen if you had most of that time back to… to new donors, cultivate relationships, or do other ministry.

DonorElf can help take the frustration out of knowing exactly how much monthly support you have at any given time. DonorElf keeps track of your donations and your donors.  DonorElf is not a complicated computer program for geeks – it is a website application for real people.  If you can use Facebook or Gmail, DonorElf is for you.  The application can even download donation information from your missions agency.  For $12 per month, its features include donations, pledges, progress toward goals, mailing list /contact management, reports, lost donor tracking, and more.  A small price to pay for a chunk of your time and a bit of your sanity back!

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